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Access to Health Founder

“Hi, I’m Louise Allen, the founder of Access to Health. My purpose as a Dietitian, Nutritionist and Naturopath is to identify the key pathways in the body that disrupt health and develop Healthcare solutions to restore balance and wellbeing. Access to Health has provided Healthcare solutions and services for over 20 years. Our Testimonials speak for themselves.

Founder Credentials

Director of Access to Health, Louise Allen, is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) and Naturopath since 1991.

Qualified in Dietetics, Nutrition, and Naturopathy. It is a rare combination which offers the benefits of both conventional and natural medicine.

Louise Allen also has a Degree in Bach App Science (Db Major Biochemistry/Chemistry), qualifications in secondary teaching, EMMETT Technique, Bowen Therapy and Reflexology.

Louise Allen started her career as a Biochemist/chemist in 1984

Founded in 1991

Access to Health dietitian and naturopath clinic first opened in Brisbane in 1991. It moved to Melbourne in 2010.

Louise Allen shares a Personal Experience

“There is a story I will share: At the age of seven, my second son was diagnosed with lymphoma (a blood cancer). He received chemotherapy but in addition, I integrated an extensive herbal and nutritional treatment plan. Fortunately, with the combination of modern and natural medicine and blessings, he has remained in remission and has grown to become a healthy, young man. I am grateful to all my children, my husband, as they have been great teachers and remain faithful to my natural medicinal remedies.”