Prescribed Immune BOOSTER Products

THE ARMY WITHIN. Your immune system is your body’s HOST DEFENCE SYSTEM that protects you from potentially harmful invaders by recognising and responding to them as a threat. Natural Immunity Solutions help you defend yourself against virus invasion, colds and flus.

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Nasal Viral Protection (100% Essential oils)

  • Protects upper respiratory passages from infection
  • Assists, strengthens and protects nasal & sinus area from early stages of viral, microbial infection
Ingredients: Natural ingredients. A blend of 100% essential oils Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tea Tree Oil
Bottle Size: 60mm(H) 23mm(W)
Directions: Add 1 drop onto end of cotton bud. Gently wipe inner nasal cavities. Use once daily

Mouth and Throat Viral Protection (Herbal extract contain medicinal herbs)

  • To prevent mouth and throat areas from developing early stage of infection
  • Prevents infection travelling from mouth and throat into lungs. Relieves mouth ulcers, irritating cough and sore throat
Ingredients: Natural Ingredients: Herbal extracts of Propolis / Myrrh, Usnea, Marshmallow, Calendula, Clove oil, Pomegranate
Volume: 25ml
Bottle Size: 95mm(H) 30mm(W)
Directions: Mouth Wash and Gargle:
  • Mix 1ml (20 drops) with 2ml (40 drops) of water
  • Swirl mix in mouth, gargle and swallow. Once daily
  • If symptoms develop i.e. sore throat, cough. Use 2-4 times daily

Immune Viral Defence (Herbal extract contain medicinal herbs)

  • To enhance, strengthen immune function
  • Assists and strengthens immune function from viral and other microbial infections
  • Maintains well-being and speeds up recovery
Ingredients: Natural Ingredients: Herbal extracts of Mushroom Complex, Aniseed, Astragalas or Cats Claw, Echinacea, Isatis, Baical Skullcap or Tumeric, Qing Hao
Volume: 100ml
Bottle Size: 110mm(H) 45mm(W)
  • Take orally, 3-5 ml in 20 ml of water, once daily
  • If cold symptoms develop, take 3-4 times daily

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