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Access to Health provides expert advice on Health, Diet, Lifestyle and natural products. Our aim is to deliver real health solutions enabling you to take control and optimize your health so you can enjoy life more fully. Just some of the Services we offer are listed below.


Allergies can irritate the lining, nasal and lungs, causing excessive mucus production, watery eyes, sneezing, nasal congestion. Such reactions are response of the immune system that has become excessively active and unbalanced. Traditional medical treatments can provide symptomatic relief but unfortunately do not address the underlying immune imbalance. For long term management of all allergies, the over reactive immune system needs to be rebalanced, choosing specific nutrients and herbs, optimising digestive function is absolutely critical.

Bowel Disease

Ulcerative Colitis and Chron’s disease are inflammatory bowel disease. Both of these conditions fall into the category of autoimmune diseases. They are chronic inflammatory condition triggered by severe immune dysregulation and genetic predisposition. Stress is also a causative factor.

Children's Health

Children experience enormous physical, social, psychological, intellectual demands, and challenges during their development, where their health plays a vital key role. When children are afflicted by common childhood health problems Dietary modification, nutritional and herbal supplements are extremely beneficial. Supplements can either assist a child make a speedy recovery or manage the health problem.


Environment Chemical Overload is causing ill health. Through sophisticated mechanism our body has the capability to detoxify and eliminate toxins efficiently. However, when the load chemical toxins are excessive the body’s detoxification mechanism becomes inefficient and break down. The solution to reduce Chemical Overload is to follow a safe, scientific based detoxification programme to suit your individual requirements.


Diabetes is a disease of poor blood glucose regulation. This is mostly caused by insufficient Insulin, Insulin resistance, and poor Insulin response. Diabetes is a chronic medical condition that requires ongoing monitoring and management. Diet and lifestyle play a critical role in the management of diabetes. No matter what type or stage of diabetes you’re at we offer diet and lifestyle programmes to suit you.

Digestive Disorders

There are many digestive conditions that are often complex. Addressing the root causes is the only way to restore optimal function of the digestive system. A customised diet and specific nutritional supplements can improve the management of common digestive disorders. These include: IBS, Fodmap, Coeliac, Colitis, Chron’s, Gord.

Poor Immune Function

Poor immune function leads to common colds, cough and sore throats. Strengthening and maintaining a robust system is essential to avoid getting sick often. Our immune system is our defence system that protects us from harmful infections, such as viruses and bacteria. In the event that you do get sick you want to have speedy recovery without the need for antibiotics. Our expertise and extensive experience in successfully treating poor immunity and colds and flu can help you maintain a strong immune system.